Targeted Healthcare Marketing Services

If cutting through ‘information overload’ and engaging your audience of healthcare professionals is your top priority, contact PDQ today.

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Multi-Channel Marketing Partner

Our suite of healthcare marketing services cuts through the clutter and engages the right  audience for your specific products. Let PDQ be your multi-channel marketing partner. 

The Complete Marketing Package

  • Team Of Experts in Healthcare Marketing
  • In-House Production Department
  • On-Staff Medical Editors
  • Full Graphic Design & Printing Services
  • Largest Opt-in Email Database in the U.S.

HCP Target Audiences

  • MDs/NPs/PAs 
  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmacists/Pharmacy Technicians
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Independent/Chain Pharmacy 
  • Hospitals
  • Decision Makers
  • Pharmacy Directors/Staff Pharmacists 
  • School Nurses 
  • Long-Term Care/Managed Care 
  • Consumers 

Our Quality Lists

PDQ’s proprietary lists are thoroughly maintained to provide clients with the best opportunity to reach their preferred audience. We proactively source and acquire information that contributes to our underlying database and ultimately enables timely list creation. We offer an industry-leading pharmacist list alongside curated health care provider data. The information we collect and utilize is assembled from public sources, industry vendors and market research.

  • Updated regularly
  • Processed for mail tracking
  • Scrubbed for Kaiser - Your emails are guaranteed to land in front of relevant people who want to see them.
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) compliant.


“PDQ has been consistently delivered outstanding results for us with HCPs and Pharmacy.  They shape digital and print campaigns to target our unique customer segments, deploy every project on time to our provider audience and report qualified metrics on the success of every program to provide measurable results.”

- Melanie B. (Janssen)


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