Our highly-targeted direct mail services include:

  • Custom sizes (fit any creative)
  • Full coverage envelopes
  • Premium finishes
  • UV printing
  • Customize address card to maximize branding
  • Print directly on clear poly
  • Letters, brochures BRC, sales aids
  • Personalization
  • Dimensional mailers
  • Special folds

The only limit is your imagination. 

PDQ has the facilities and experience to deploy a wide range of creative direct mail campaigns. Explore below to view just some of these possibilities.


Tell a story.

Multi-layered direct mail pieces turn a traditional reading experience into a dynamic journey. 




Break the mold.

Direct mail doesn't have to be flat. Three-dimensional pieces encourage active interaction and demand attention from recipients. 

Stand out.

Wide varieties of color as well as materials allow HCP marketers to create unique visual experiences that are sure to leave lasting impressions.




Make it pop.

Sometimes more is more: Entertain and engage your prospects and bring your message to life with custom pop-ups.


Start Tracking the Effectiveness & Enhancing the Results of Your Direct Mail Campaigns


Team discussing results

PDQ’s FlashTRAK helps you quantify results and precisely determine ROI.

Know exactly when your mail is projected to reach mailboxes and the percentage that has arrived and percentage left to be delivered.