Accessibility Policy

Last updated: March 14, 2024


PDQ strives to ensure its website, content, and services are accessible

We have dedicated a significant amount of resources to ensure this website,, along with all digital properties owned by PDQ, are accessible for people with disabilities. 

PDQ takes the following measures to ensure the accessibility of is periodically audited for accessibility issues. The tools used to identify and remediate issues include:

Limitations or forgone remediations

Despite our best efforts to ensure accessibility of, there may be some limitations we are aware of but cannot resolve. When limitations are known they will be itemized below. Please contact us if you observe an issue not listed below.

  • Spotify buttons within Spotify podcast embeds do not contain discernable text. PDQ cannot adjust the embedded HTML. 


Most Recent Completed Accessibility Audit: March 14, 2024

PDQ is committed to the ongoing monitoring and improvement of its digital properties. While we have made significant efforts toward addressing our digital accessibility, we recognize there may be unidentified issues or new issues that present between accessibility audits. 

If you experience difficulty accessing any content on the website, wish to report an accessibility issues, or require assistance in any way, please contact us at