Almost overnight, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way the world works. Face-to-face communication is out of the question for the foreseeable future, and any business not deemed essential is currently closed. This has inevitably affected sales and marketing, especially in the healthcare space.

Pandemic or not, though, Healthcare professionals (HCPs) need to be able to provide their patients with the best products possible, and marketers need to be able to get information about those products in front of HCPs and pharmacies. A cornerstone of marketing to HCPs is face-to-face communication, but as that's not an option, you may be worrying about how to adapt your marketing strategy.


Now is the time to pivot to direct and email marketing. Here’s how PDQ Communications can help you adapt your marketing strategy to a COVID-19 world.


Challenge: Your sales reps are grounded.

Trade shows are cancelled or have been moved to a digital format. One-on-one meetings with HCPs are on hold.

Face time has been an integral part of healthcare marketing for as long as the practice has existed. Studies make clear the importance of in-person meetings to a successful B2B strategy. Among the many benefits:

  • It keeps your products in the front of HCPs’ minds.
  • It builds trust by creating a personalized experience.
  • It creates awareness of your product without having to figure out how to optimize content, so HCPs find it, rather than patients.
Such interactions are not the only option to creating an effective successful campaign, however, as we'll see below...

PDQ’s Solution: Direct Mail & Email Marketing

The efficacy of direct mail is on the rise, with response rates doubling from 2017 to 2018. Email is similarly effective, earning an average of $44 for every $1 spent.

You can fill the gaps in your in-person marketing efforts by using PDQ’s direct and email marketing to reach relevant HCPs. 

Direct and email programs can include:

  • Personalized messaging targeted at the right HCP
  • Information on new product launches amid the pandemic
  • CoPay Assistance Programs

The PDQ advantage:

  • High-engagement campaigns with personalization: have the end-user participate in the campaign by using a QR code or a BRC so you can identify HCPs' current needs
  • Large, well-segmented email lists that guarantee extensive reach and high levels of engagement
  • Segment targeting for different messaging strategies
  • Expertise on the right subject lines, calls to action, personalization, and other metrics that will increase the efficacy and open rates of your emails
  • Quick turn-around times
  • Custom direct mail packaging to make your message stand out. Pass the blink test and be memorable in a positive, impactful way. We can do everything from 3D pop-outs to custom folds to customized printing that maximizes your branding efforts.
  • Multi-wave messaging: We won’t just send one letter or email; we’ll run an entire campaign so you’ll be fresh in your target audience’s minds.



As always, with PDQ you get access to clean, well-segmented lists, so we can reach the right people with the right message, every time. PDQ is fully prepared to help you meet your marketing needs and bridge communication gaps during this trying time, and beyond. Contact us today to get started.

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