With field reps grounded or reduced for the foreseeable future thanks to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and HCPs’ email inboxes overloaded, it might seem like marketing to them is a bit like yelling into the wind. That doesn’t have to be the case, however, when you include direct mail in your tactical planning.

In fact, the power of direct mail as a marketing technique is growing, and a great way to cut through the noise and get a more tactile, long-form message in front of the right eyes.

Whether you’re trying to create initial awareness of your product or reaching out directly to HCPs with prescribing behaviors that aligned with your product, you can use direct mail to effectively target numerous segmentations.

Here’s why:

Direct mail is memorable.

Or at least it can be when you partner with the right experts.

Direct mail “elicits a much higher brand recall” among recipients, according to an analysis by Canada Post, and more effectively builds trust between prospects and brands. When you work with PDQ Communications, you can take that to the next level by creating custom designs featuring premium finishes and creative storytelling techniques. For example, we can create custom, 3D designs that give prospects a tactile experience and a dynamic, memorable journey as they learn about your product. 


Direct mail is highly targeted.

When you select the right partner, direct mail lists offer the most accurate and broad reach for your target audience with virtually 100% coverage. With a quality list provider, you can then further target your list based on selections like: prescribing data, practice setting, specialty, and geographic location.

You can also use claims data, which is updated nearly in real time, to understand the moment-to-moment needs of the HCPs you’re targeting. This enables you to target your messaging even more, based on the kinds of patients your recipients are serving. Messaging that tells a prospect you understand where they’re coming from is highly effective. 


Direct mail is for every stage of the funnel.

You can create different custom messaging for HCPs with different prescribing and claims behaviors, and develop multiple campaigns for the same product.

This creates brand awareness using those tried-and-true trust-and-memory building designs. Then, reach out again when the time is right, to drive the message home to HCPs that this is a product you should believe in—more successfully converting HCPs regardless of prescribing behavior.


Direct mail works.

Direct mail is a highly effective way of communicating, especially to busy HCPs. More than 40 percent of direct mail recipients either read or at least scan the mail they receive, according to a recent article by industry resource hub SmallBizGenius, citing analytics from marketing trade group Data & Marketing Association. This equates to much higher chances of eyes on your messaging. It also translates to higher conversions: Direct mail has a 29 percent ROI, states the same piece. So if you’re not using direct mail to supplement in-person communications, you’re leaving money on the table.


Ready to work with the professionals and create a unique, effective direct mail campaign? Contact PDQ Communications today to find out how.

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