No matter how long you’ve been working with your HCP marketing partner, there may come a time when they can no longer deliver the results you need to successfully grow your business.

Whether the market changes and they are unable to keep up, or your expectations evolve, if your healthcare marketing partner agency can’t help you get where you need to be, it may be time to switch to one that can.

Here are some signs that it may be time to replace your HCP marketing partner:

They Don't Regularly Update or Maintain Their Mailing Lists

Maintaining a high-quality contact list of healthcare professionals is essential for meeting your marketing goals and reliably reaching your target audience. The right marketing partner will consistently update, segment and maintain their HCP contact lists to ensure they remain effective and relevant for years to come.

If you find that the lists they provide aren’t of high quality or aren’t targeted and segmented enough for your purposes, this may be a sign it’s time to switch.

They Don’t Reach the Right Healthcare Professionals

While many healthcare marketers may boast of the size of their audience and reach, if their audience isn’t relevant to the products or services you’re offering, they won’t contribute to your campaign’s success. If you market a variety of healthcare products, you need to ensure your marketing partner can reach a wide array of professionals.

At the very least, this should include physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. The best HCP marketing partners, however, will go beyond that. For example, targeting physicians with information about a new pharmaceutical treating respiratory diseases in children is a start, but wouldn’t the campaign have a greater chance of success if one could communicate with pediatric pulmonologists?

Your HCP marketing partner should offer segments at a more granular level to get you the best results.

They Don't Offer a Variety of Communication Methods

When marketing to healthcare professionals, reaching them where they are means adopting an omni-channel approach. While email marketing is an extremely effective tool to leverage personalized content, and direct mail is highly targeted and has a better return on investment than paid advertisements, using these tactics individually won’t yield optimal results.

Your marketing partner should understand the best ways to implement these strategies together to help lead your prospects through their buyer’s journey.

They Don’t Effectively Track Your Progress

Being able to monitor and communicate the results of your marketing efforts is an essential role for an effective marketing partner. Tracking your most important performance metrics can impact the success of your individual campaigns and your overall strategy.

Measuring key performance indicators such as open rates, website visits, engagement, market qualified leads, conversions, and ROI can help reveal how your channels interact and reinforce each other, and what changes you can make to help your campaigns succeed.

No matter what your overall marketing goals, working with the right agency is essential to the advancement of your business. And that’s where PDQ Communications comes in.

PDQ Communications provides clients access to high-quality and well-segmented contact mailing lists to fit your specific needs, as well as editorial campaigns and email marketing initiatives to effectively expand your reach and drive customer conversions.

If you feel your HCP marketing partnership has run its course and you’re ready to make a change, contact PDQ Communications today and learn more about what we can do for you.

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