Direct mail is an effective way to grab the attention of your HCP customers and prospects, while fostering further engagement. With direct mail making a real comeback in healthcare marketing, ensuring their messages wield an enduring impact is paramount to the success of your overall strategy.

Here are several effective ways to leave a lasting impression on your HCP audience with direct mail:

Make Your Messages Really Pop

To ensure your direct mail messaging leaves a lasting impact on your audience, you should implement custom graphics or unconventional formatting to help your messaging stand out from the crowd.

The majority of your audience is used to receiving uninspired, flat mailers. Perhaps they use some nice imagery, but it’s ultimately lost in the flood of other mailers they receive on a regular basis. Thinking outside of these conventions can help your brand rise above your competitors. 

Consider some of these approaches to direct mail materials:

3-D mailers: If you find yourself developing a typical, 2-D mailer, consider breaking it out into something more interesting. Mailers that can be assembled into cubes or even pop-up elements are less likely to be thrown away with the rest of the mail.

Dynamic content: Who said there should only be one way to read your mailer? Utilizing mailers that change shape and display different content will keep the recipient engaged longer and give you greater surface area to include more information.

Alternative materials: Your mailers don’t just have to be made of paper. Leveraging other materials such as plastics or cellophanes can create possibilities for further engaging intricacies. 

Alternative shapes and weights: Try different paper sizes and weights to optimize the tactile experience and differentiate your messaging from the barrage of plain white envelopes healthcare providers are typically bombarded with.

Whatever approach you take, remember: taking full advantage of the physical medium direct mail offers can help truly bring your messages to life, increasing your response rates and fostering relationships with your customers and prospects.

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Personalize & Customize

Physicians and healthcare providers are a very discerning demographic, so ensuring your content is as relevant and individualized as possible is of critical importance. By its very nature, direct mail can be highly targeted, and adding slight touches to make your mailers feel more personal can go a long way toward creating a positive impact.

How you address your mailer recipients, for instance, can affect its open rate. Personalizing your direct mail by addressing them by their names and titles is a must, and handwritten messages to specific people are typically more successful, as opposed to those blindly sent to a company or organization.

You can also personalize your direct mail by your recipients’ specialties or positions, curating your content or offers by their organizational tiers or clinical settings. Thinking about exactly who your audience is and how you can provide value to them will reinforce that you understand their needs and are offering something meaningful. 

Focusing on making your messages as personal as possible is important to pique the interest of your audience, and will lead to a higher open rate and more engagement.

Be an Informative Resource

Generally, those in the healthcare industry don’t tend to shy away from data and statistics, but how you choose to display that information can make all the difference. Leveraging the creative opportunities of direct mail is a great way to keep your readers engaged and leave a more lasting impression.

Fill your direct mailers with all the details your audience needs to make informed purchasing decisions, and be sure to portray their messaging in ways that pique the interest of recipients. 

Use real and accurate statistics your target audience can refer to later, and include customer testimonials highlighting your experience, reputation, customer service, and reliability. How you choose to utilize physical mailers will ultimately impact whether they open and engage with its content. 

Deploy your direct mail strategy in conjunction with your digital marketing strategy, and include an easy-to-follow link on your direct mailer as a way to encourage further engagement online and effectively guide your audience through their buyer’s journey.

Work With the Right Healthcare Marketing Partner 

Optimize your direct mail strategy by working with an experienced and reputable healthcare marketing firm. This can be invaluable to helping you connect, and resonate with your audience. Enlisting PDQ Communications is one of the best ways to ensure you reach the right HCPs with the right messaging, every time

We’ll generate custom direct mail packaging to help your message stand out in a more memorable and impactful way. From 3-D pop-outs to customized printing to maximize your branding efforts—we do it all. Our multi-wave messaging strategy doesn’t entail sending just one letter or email, but an entire campaign to ensure you remain fresh in your target audience’s minds.

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