When it comes to marketing to healthcare providers, there are myriad challenges and potential barriers which could impede the progress of your email campaigns and keep you from reaching the right HCPs in meaningful ways.

The best approach is to refine your email content for mobile compatibility, test and adjust your campaigns as needed, and avoid common communication barriers such as spam filters.

Prioritizing Mobile Device Compatibility

Reaching HCPs is an uphill challenge. They’re incredibly busy, and with so many others vying for their attention, connecting with them can be difficult. Optimizing your email content and marketing approach for mobile devices is a great way to communicate with your audience reliably and impactfully by delivering relevant and useful content in a user-oriented way that will encourage further engagement with your brand.

Nowadays, nearly everyone uses a mobile device for everything from work and personal life to games and entertainment—and between smartphones, tablets, watches, and more, it’s a pretty good bet that your healthcare audience will be carrying or checking on their mobile devices throughout the day.

In fact, about 47 percent of people across all demographics use mobile applications for checking their email, with 81 percent of those preferring to open emails on their smartphones, and 21 percent on their tablets, according to a 2019 article by global tech company Campaign Monitor.

With so much possible via mobile technology, it would be a waste of time and resources not to optimize your email content for a more user-friendly mobile experience. Mobile channels offer a unique opportunity for HCP marketers to increase their open rates, click-throughs, and customer conversions, by delivering content effectively and conveniently wherever your audience may be.

Be sure to format email content such as text and video windows to fit mobile screen sizes, modify your content as needed to improve visibility and interactivity, and include the appropriate calls-to-action and links to your brand’s relevant products and services.

Testing, Monitoring & Adjusting Your Campaign Approach

It isn’t enough to simply deploy an email campaign, you then have to monitor its progress, identify what areas of your strategy worked, determine which need to be modified or replaced, test the different aspects of your content, and adjust your approach accordingly. Testing is a critical step in not only improving your individual email campaigns, but enhancing your entire content and email strategies going forward.

Using A/B testing for elements of your emails such as size and placement of your CTA, wording of your subject lines and preheader text, media and image selection, and more, will help you better understand your audience and what they respond to.

You should also be aware of how your email content will appear on different platforms. Sometimes content may render differently on certain mediums and web browsers, so whether testing how your emails appear on Apple and Android devices, or through different email clients such as Gmail or Outlook, monitoring your campaigns and testing various factors will give you a better idea of what your audience sees when they open your emails, and ultimately serves to help your marketing efforts succeed in the long run.

Avoiding Spam Filters

One of the common obstacles in reaching your HCP audience is getting caught by spam filters. While Internet Service Providers (ISP) cast a wide net to curb unsolicited or junk emails, too often, legitimate email marketers can be mistakenly flagged as spam.

Ensuring your messaging reaches your audience is crucial to the success of your campaigns, and that means taking necessary measures to avoid spam filters. One of these is adhering to the CAN-SPAM Act, which sets a national standard for the regulation of spam email, which includes providing the option to unsubscribe, listing a physical address, accurately identifying your business, and more. You can also attain third-party sender accreditation that certifies to ISPs you are not a spammer.

Another important consideration is the cleanliness of your email contact lists. Keeping inactive addresses and dormant subscribers could target your emails for spam, so be sure to delete these from your list, and always ask your active subscribers to confirm whether they want to continue receiving your emails.

Work With PDQ Communications to Optimize Your Email Strategies

As healthcare professionals become more difficult to reach, it’s never been more important to work with a marketing partner that understands the industry and knows how to effectively connect with the ideal audience.

That’s where PDQ Communications comes in!

We’ll work with you to develop and deploy the perfect email strategy, and with our expansive and robust lists of healthcare professionals encompassing nearly every specialty including physicians, nurses, NPs, PAs, pharmacists, and more, we can help you reach the right audience, at the right time, every time.

Contact PDQ Communications today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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