The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed how healthcare marketing is done. Now, reaching healthcare professionals (HCPs) or pharmacies requires a focus on direct mail and email marketing and custom messaging that's personalized to your prospects. 

If you're like many HCP marketers right now, you're probably planning on conducting video meetings as a means to maintain some level of interpersonal communication. That way you can still have face time with clients and prospects, which studies show increases engagement and collaboration when deployed properly. That still leaves a gap, however, between being able to meet with clients and prospects in person and meeting with them in a Zoom call. There's just no replacing being in the same room with someone when it comes to effective communication.

In other words: to close that gap in engagement and ensure that you make an impact after video meetings, you should be harnessing the power of a post-video marketing strategy. Here's how PDQ can help you really drive your messages home after teleconferencing.


Challenge: You need to increase your impact after video meetings.

You’re worried that meeting with prospects via video just isn’t going to stick the way face-to-face meetings do. It’s easy to feel disengaged when you’re talking by video, rather than in person. Video conference attendees admit to daydreaming during their calls, and upwards of 30 percent of people say they attend video conferences via phone. While video conferencing is more effective than audio conferencing, and it's the best substitute for in-person meetings, it's not perfect.


PDQ’s Solution: Follow-Up Messaging via Direct Mail or Email

Run the meeting as you normally would. Use best practices for video conferencing—such as dressing well, being mindful of background noise, and taking careful notes so you can ensure you're paying attention—to maximize the effectiveness of your video conference.

Then, let PDQ send out follow-up messaging by email or direct mail, featuring your detailed meeting notes. Follow-up emails are proven to improve campaigns, with statistics showing that sending at least one follow-up email increase the reply rate from 9 percent to 13 percent. When you have an experienced team crafting your messaging, that reply rate can jump to as much as 27 percent.

Post-meeting communications don't have to be limited to meeting notes, however. We can also deploy follow-up marketing materials related to any products or services you'd like to highlight. This keeps your meeting fresh in prospects’ minds and gives them easy-to-reference information about you and your products.


PDQ Communications will help you make an impression with custom messaging and proven email tactics, even when you can't be face-to-face with prospects and clients. Contact us today to find out how.

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