Healthcare providers are busier than ever, and the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has grounded countless field reps. Every step you take to disseminate a marketing campaign, therefore, must be deliberate and data-driven.

That’s why a well-segmented campaign is essential for creating success. After all, physician behavior is one of the best forecasting tools marketing and sales teams have to predict future prescribing behavior. That said, there are additional steps you can take to develop and distribute a campaign that gets in front of the right HCPs.

Make sure your email messaging is effective.

Even if you own exclusive, well-tended-to email lists, there are email best practices you should follow if you want prospects to open and read your messages. Everything from the subject line to the greeting and first sentence will affect opens, bounces and hard bounces, and unsubscribe requests. You could have an incredible product, but if you send the wrong message to the right HCP, you’ll lose that prospect.

Use direct mail—and get creative with it.

Marketers dread the three-to-five seconds it takes for a prospect to judge a website or other marketing collateral—known as the “blink test.” In the time it takes to blink an eye, your prospect will judge whether or not it’s worth continuing to explore what you have to say. 

You can take advantage of this by creating a direct mailer that pops, out of a sea of plain white envelopes. Employ pop-ups or other unique designs that create a memorable, aesthetic experience that reflects your brand.

Follow the metrics.

When running a campaign, one of the most important factors to consider is tracking performance. What metrics can you use to measure success? How can you use those metrics to either re-deploy this campaign or adjust future campaigns? Utilizing A/B testing can improve subject lines, greetings, send times, and more. Tracking metrics such as open and bounce rates can give insights into how to approach your next campaign so it’s even better.

Work with professionals who know how to deploy.

Above and beyond anything else, the most effective way of positioning your campaign for success is to work with a professional firm that specializes in deploying multi-channel messaging, and tracking campaign metrics such as open rates, clicks, bounce rates, echo deployment (sending a second email to any and all HCPs who didn’t open the first), and more.

When looking for a firm, make sure they have:

  • Access to exclusive lists
  • An innate understanding of how and when to send communications
  • The ability to print and send direct mailers
  • Detailed campaign metric tracking

With access to exclusive lists, years of experience perfecting the art of the marketing email, and the ability to create the custom direct mail campaigns that will get you noticed, PDQ Communications can help you position your campaigns for success. To find out more, contact us today. 

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