Healthcare professionals (HCPs) have always been busy, but the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic threw them into overdrive. This presents an additional challenge to marketers looking to capture their attention for a few valuable moments.

Here are the most effective ways of marketing to HCPs during this health crisis, and beyond.


Direct Mail

In an increasingly digital world, HCP marketers often overlook direct mail, but this tried-and-true method can still be tremendously effective if done well. Across the board, direct mail garners a significantly higher response rate than email—4.4 percent compared to .12 percent, reports an analysis by automation service Postalytics.

With an estimated ROI of 29 percent in 2017, according to marketing trade group Data & Marketing Association, businesses stand to gain by implementing a direct mail program. A survey by research firm MarketingSherpa also reveals that recipients trust mailed ads and catalogs more than other channels.


Email Marketing & Digital Newsletters

Tech marketing research firm The Radicati Group estimates that by the end of 2024, worldwide daily email traffic will total more than 361 billion, representing a tremendous but increasingly competitive market. Given that every dollar spent on email marketing generates an average $42 ROI according to a report by online marketplace Oberlo, you should be maximizing these efforts.

Automating your email marketing process can make it easier and more affordable, and digital newsletters can be especially effective. Since the healthcare field is rapidly changing, industry professionals must stay up to date. A quality newsletter that presents relevant information can help increase brand awareness.


Editorial Content

Most HCPs are active learners looking for ways to expand their knowledge of their field. Meaningful, high-quality editorial content demonstrates your expertise, establishes authority, and builds trust. Clinical advisories, patient education FAQs, and disease guides provide value while promoting your product or service.


Trade Shows & Events

For many organizations, trade shows and industry events are a top source of sales and marketing leads. They can be a great way to network and build connections, especially since more than 90 percent of trade show attendees come to look for new products and services, reports full-service exhibition display house Exponents.

While many in-person trade shows were canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, others have moved online. Marketers can still forge connections at these events through online chats and networking video conferences.



Approximately 80 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that personalize the experience, found a 2018 study by consulting services company Epsilon. The same likely holds true of decision makers in the healthcare space. Tailoring marketing to the individual shows that you listen to them, and understand their business needs.

The key to personalization is data collection. Understanding the organization and how its representatives behave enables you to cater your website, emails, and direct mailings to target potential customers, develop stronger relationships, and give your business a human touch.


PDQ Communications can help you cut through the clutter to reach your audience in the most effective way possible. We produce email and direct mail campaigns, disseminate editorial content, and personalize and optimize your content for maximum engagement. Contact us today to learn more.

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