What do you picture when you imagine your direct mail deployments?

If you envision plain, white paper with traditional, flat letters and pamphlet-style messaging, consider a more dynamic approach.

Direct mail marketing can be an invaluable asset to connect with your healthcare audience, reinforce the impact of your messaging, and stimulate positive responses and conversions.

Grabbing and holding your audience’s attention is a key aspect of direct mail content, and its tactile experience presents an opportunity to leave a more lasting and memorable impression.

One way marketers capitalize on this is by incorporating interactive elements and unique dimensional mailers into their campaigns, which can captivate your audience and entice them to engage with your brand even further.

Dimensional Mailers

Dimensional mailers are creative and impactful formats that can take many different shapes and forms, such as pop-ups that can be unfolded or assembled into eye-catching configurations and arrangements.

This multidimensional approach to your mailers can turn a piece of content into a valuable resource your HCP target audience can collect and reference later. These can also encourage your prospects to interact with your brand and highlight your products in unique and productive ways.

Interactive Elements

While many dimensional mailers incorporate interactive elements such as prompts and instructions, there are myriad other ways to encourage your audience to engage with your brand through direct mail content.

Interactive elements can include anything from puzzles, quizzes, brain teasers, stickers, scratch-offs, removable cards and coupons, fillable charts and resources, and so much more. No matter what form, the goal is always to keep your audience interested and well informed, while encouraging advancement through the buyer’s journey.

What to Consider When Using Dimensional & Interactive Mailers

Direct mail should be a quintessential facet of your overall HCP marketing strategy. According to an article by smallbizgenius, an online business news and insights publication, direct mail requires 21 percent less cognitive effort than email, offers a 29-percent return on investment, and typically encourages recipients to purchase more.

Ensuring your direct mail is as memorable and impactful as possible is very important, and dimensional and interactive mailers can leave a better and more lasting impression on your audience than flat mailers featuring only text.

Not only do these encourage prospects to engage with your direct mail content, but you’ll be subtly laying the groundwork for further brand engagement and conversions.

Here are some important considerations when incorporating dimensional or interactive mailers into your direct mail campaigns.

Consider the Best Size & Packaging

Dimensional mailers can be expensive to produce in bulk, depending on the size, style and components involved, so when you’re thinking about balancing your budget while making an impressionable marketing statement, consider what presentation would be most cost-effective and generate the highest response.

Your direct mailers can include boxes, tubes, containers and envelopes of varying sizes. Identifying and testing these factors help increase open and response rates, while saving you money for each campaign.


Don’t Forget About Quality Content

Remember that while the format is designed to grab recipients’ attention, the goal of your direct mail campaigns is to deliver content that informs your target audience and serves as a resource, while enticing them to interact more with your brand or products.

So no matter what form your mailers take, don’t forget about producing relevant, meaningful content that can resonate with your prospects.

Include Calls to Action

Stimulating engagement and responses is the primary aim of your direct mailers, and one of the most reliable methods is by incorporating calls to action (CTAs) throughout your direct mail campaigns to provide as many conversion opportunities as possible.

These can include business contact information, website links, relevant product offers, Business Reply Cards (BRC), QR codes, and other effective tools to stimulate interaction on your major engagement platforms.

Be Creative in Your Approach

There are a wide variety of different styles, materials, designs and formats for dimensional or interactive mailers, so be sure to explore and experiment to find the best approach for you and your audience.

Whether you’re making 3D mailers or just want to utilize interactive elements, you’ll have plenty of options for making the most of your direct mail deployments. You could try different paper and materials to take full advantage of the tactile experience direct mail offers, or you could play around with messaging and display styles to see what grabs your HCP audiences’ attention best.


Work With PDQ Communications to Deploy Amazing Direct Mail Campaigns

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