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How to Find the Best Physician Email List for Your Digital Marketing Campaign
Finding the best list for your HCP digital marketing campaign means considering the list's size, cleanliness, segmentation and provider.
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How an Effective Call to Action Can Improve Email Conversion Rates
When marketing to healthcare professionals for improved conversion rates, it’s best to include a well-placed, urgent call to action that’s easy to understand, mobile-device compatible, and effectively communicates value proposition.
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5 Tactics to Refresh Your Email Marketing Campaign
Updating your email marketing strategies with elements such as mobile device compatibility, embedded video, personalization and automation, and data privacy measures can help your campaign resonate with healthcare professionals.
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10 Tips to Increase Email Engagement Among Healthcare Professionals
Utilizing tactics such as personalization, relevant calls to action, solid storytelling and segmentation, among others, help improve email engagement among healthcare professionals.
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Email Marketing Challenges: Mobiling Up, Testing & Avoiding Spam Filters
The latest email marketing challenges include avoiding new spam filters, managing an increasingly mobile subscription list, and testing what your emails look like through various clients.
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New Challenges When Marketing to Ophthalmologists
As the ophthalmology industry changes, ophthalmologists face new challenges, such as managing increasing costs, meeting increasing patient expectations, and shifting patient demographics. Marketers must adapt accordingly.
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Personalized Email Marketing: Going Beyond, Hello Dr. John Doe
Personalized marketing utilizes dynamic content and extremely relevant emails to targeted recipients to achieve maximum engagement.
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Physician Assistants Need To Be On Your Marketing Radar
Physician assistants continue to gain prominence in the healthcare space, with greater influence on prescribing behavior and patient care, better utilization of digital technology, and more.
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4 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Marketing Efforts
Focusing on engagement, crafting clear and concise messaging that provides true value, and utilizing preheader text are among several impactful ways to improve your healthcare marketing efforts.
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