Marketing to healthcare providers is a long-term, cumulative effort that requires time, dedication, and a deep understanding of your market and what your audiences respond to.

There are a number of different types of marketing approaches you can use to elicit a specific response or drive your messaging home in a memorable and impactful way. Both sequential marketing and trigger marketing can be incredibly effective at connecting with your audience segments, and leading to more customer conversions.

How and when you implement these tactics will determine the success of your individual campaigns and marketing strategy as a whole.

Sequential Marketing Campaigns

Sequential marketing weaves a narrative throughout a series of deployments spread across multiple platforms.

The messaging is designed to reliably lead your healthcare prospects through their stage of the buyer’s journey with a sequence of content that collectively tells a story about how your brand can provide meaningful solutions to a specific problem.

They’re used to not only highlight the value of your products and services, but for increasing brand awareness and loyalty, and ultimately enticing your prospects to engage and convert into customers.

For maximum effectiveness, you’ll need to identify and analyze your high-quality leads to recognize whether or not they’re ready to convert, and curate relevant content to their specialties and interests. You’ll also need to monitor behaviors such as their open and response rates, and which devices they interact with most, to find the optimal timing to deploy and platforms to utilize.

Taking an omnichannel approach to your sequential marketing will enable you to effectively connect with your audience, no matter where they are. Weaving your content-driven narrative across your audience’s most-used platforms and devices will help increase the reach of your messaging, while reinforcing its impact and influence.

Trigger Marketing Campaigns

Trigger marketing is an automated approach activated when your audience takes a specific action—causing a consequential message or call to action.

Trigger marketing campaigns are highly customizable for a range of actions and responses, and can be prompted by activities such as filling out a form, opening (or failing to open) an email, scanning a QR code or unique URL, visiting your brand website or specific page, and more.

Because these campaigns are triggered automatically, this methodology is highly effective at reaching the right healthcare prospects with relevant content that encourages conversions, especially in situations that require precise targeting and timing based on specific audience activities and behaviors.

They can be implemented across a number of engagement platforms, such as direct mail or email, and are applicable for nearly every stage of the buyer’s journey. This strategy enables you to easily send the right messaging at just the right time to stimulate a particular interaction or response.

When properly implemented, trigger campaigns provide a convenient and personalized user experience that conveys to recipients the impression you truly understand and can anticipate their needs. Besides a cost-effective and personalized approach, it is also a highly measurable and scalable strategy for keeping connected with your audience.

Healthcare providers are a very busy and highly discerning demographic oftentimes difficult to connect with. Sequential and trigger marketing strategies connect with audiences in different ways, but both benefit from audience segmentation and detailed profiles to provide personalized experiences that resonate with prospects at precise moments.

Trigger marketing stimulates a specific response to lead prospects to the next stage of their buyer’s journeys, while sequential campaigns are long-term efforts designed to drive interest and brand awareness and organically inspire engagement and customer conversions. Both can be incredibly useful under the right circumstances, and used in conjunction, for even greater effect.

These methods can also be applied to various channels and engagement platforms to ensure your messaging reaches the ideal audience at the optimal time. Whether you plan to launch a sequential campaign wave to drum up interest and awareness of a product or service offer, or plan to arrange trigger email campaigns to motivate conversions, utilizing these strategies will help keep your audience connected, informed, and engaged.

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