Healthcare providers are an extremely busy and highly discerning consumer base. 

Gaining and holding their attention is essential to your marketing success, but what exactly do HCPs value most and respond to best regarding content and marketing materials? 

Data-Driven Marketing

Unlike marketing campaigns targeting other industries, HCPs generally appreciate and respond well to data and evidence-based marketing. Ensure every piece of content you produce is factual, educational, relevant, and compelling enough to hold the recipient’s attention. 

Before they can prescribe a pharmaceutical product or medical service, healthcare providers have to fully understand the effects and benefits for their patients. Physicians typically value more info-heavy content, so be sure to utilize useful and relevant data, including stats, numbers, approvals and certifications, to help your audience make informed decisions. 

Keeping your prospective customers educated and updated on the benefits of particular drugs or treatments, clinical trial data, safety information, health risks, and other considerations will help your brand be a valuable resource for HCPs, while also encouraging further engagement. 


Short & Concise 

Part of the reason physicians and other healthcare professionals are so difficult to reach is that they often have incredibly busy schedules. Consequently, they don’t have a lot of time to spend sifting through marketing offers or product information—so make sure your content is laser focused. 

It may seem difficult to include all the pertinent information, so break it up into simple, digestible points. This doesn’t mean every piece must read like a science pamphlet. You can keep your content short and informative while implementing your brand’s unique voice to set yourself apart from the competition. 

Just keep in mind your audience may not have the necessary time or attention to review it all, so highlight the most important information and include a link to your website or other resources to boost engagement at their leisure. 


Gaining and holding their attention is essential to your marketing success, but what exactly do HCPs value most and respond to best regarding content and marketing materials? 


Mailers, Downloadable Content & Other Resources 

While healthcare providers spend a great deal of time on digital platforms, they also utilize convenient, offline channels when on the move or enjoying downtime. Downloadable content, physical mailers, and pamphlets help drive your messaging home, while serving as convenient resources for your audience. 

Direct mail campaigns can be very memorable and impactful ways to connect with your target HCP prospects. Unique approaches to your direct mail efforts, such as personalized messaging, formats, and styles, and interactive elements, such as 3D pop-ups, can also help elevate your brand.


Targeted & Personalized Approach 

Healthcare providers are constantly bombarded with information, so one of the most effective ways to stand out is by ensuring your content is as relevant and customized as possible.

Collecting and leveraging consumer and market data, as well as correctly targeting and segmenting your audience, will help you tailor your messaging to better fit your HCP prospects and yield maximum impact. 

Regardless of the platform, utilizing such data to personalize your content—incorporating everything from medical specialty, location, patient type, prescribing habits, and more—is a proven way to improve open rates and conversions. 



Healthcare providers value content that is personalized, convenient, concise, and data driven, so they can make informed decisions about whether a product or treatment is right for their patients. 

While producing and delivering relevant and valuable content for each of your audience segments can seem like a daunting task, enlisting an experienced and knowledgeable marketing partner such as PDQ Communications can improve your HCP campaigns and ROI. 

If you’re ready to take your HCP marketing efforts to the next level, contact PDQ Communications today! 


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